11/8/22 – We are sorry to inform that all Nursery visits are now SOLD OUT.

If you have already purchased a ticket you will receive an email w/c 15/8/22 with joining instructions.

Date of visit: Tuesday 23rd August, approximately 08:45- 12:30

£25.00 per person to cover transport

You will be allocated to one of the following visits:

Vehicle 1 ‚Äď Cumbernauld, Kilsyth, and Kirkintilloch


OPTION A (5 places): CUMBERNAULD VILLAGE FAMILY CENTRE                               

Community and Relationships are a fundamental starting point of our establishment. The nursery was opened in August 2020 and was in a temporary building whilst waiting for our new build. This was the beginning of building relationships with the community, and this has grown from strength to strength. We then moved to our wonderful new building in December 2021 and our journey continued.

Children and families are always at the heart of everything we do. We value their voices. The environment we have created is to ensure we facilitate and provide children with the resources they require to inspire and extend their learning. We use interactive pin boards to create areas such as an investigation station. Staff continuously support learning through tracking, monitoring and evaluations of their environments and children’s engagement, alongside online learning journals. All aspects of planning, policies and guidance are provided at the entrance to include our parents and carers voice. This allows them to engage in their child’s learning, we appreciate how invaluable their contribution is.  Continuous improvement through reflective practice is key and it involves everyone’s contributions.

The nursery itself is very different from any other family learning centres. We have direct access from our garden to the community allotments in which all children can grow and plant various foods, plants, and trees. This is supported by the local community council, and they lead various experiences for the children. The nursery also has links with the local child minders, and this supports our transitions for children and families within the community. We invite local child minders to use our beautiful garden facilities and the allotment area on a regular basis. We are building links with local residential children’s facility and supporting some work experience within the garden area. Integrational links is also something we hold close to us as a centre. We are building positive links and will be working together with our local residential care home.

As you can see from above, we love our community, and they are very invested in us. We have been given another part of the community green space to develop our forest area, which again will be supported by the community and parents/carers. The nursery is also lucky to have the most beautiful glen on our doorstep which we use for walks/ picnics/adventures and exploring.

Our Nursery is a little bit different but a big bit AMAZING!! We look forward to your visit




At Balmalloch Nursery Class, we pride ourselves on ensuring emotional wellbeing is at the heart of our pedagogy; in a safe, nurturing environment where all children are supported to thrive. Our children lead their own learning and are supported by staff who are dedicated, encouraging, passionate and driven. We create learning opportunities which embed the National Practice Guidance, Realising the Ambition and this is the forefront of our practice, seen through our interactions, experiences and spaces. We are working towards registering as an indoor, outdoor setting and our children have free access to outdoors every day, where they engage in high quality outdoor play experiences. We place relationships at the heart of our nursery ethos, understanding the relationships we have with our children, families and each other underpins the very foundations of a successful and positive learning environment for all of our children. Our learners’ needs are met by staff who understand them and support them along the way on every step of their learning journey. We provide an environment which promotes curiosity and sparks creativity to inspire all of our children to become Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Responsible Citizens and Effective Contributors.



To support the implementation of 1140 hours of funding in Scotland, East Dunbartonshire created a design for three new build Early Years Centres, to embrace the Scottish weather and benefits of outdoor learning, supported by cosy and welcoming indoor spaces.  The centres incorporate free flow access for children throughout the inspirational spaces, including a covered courtyard, outdoor area and a roof terrace.  Let’s not forget the chute!

Lairdsland EYC in Kirkintilloch, is one of the centres built on this design principle and can facilitate up to 100 children. It promotes a child centred approach for children aged two to five years, offering cosy spaces with areas zoned for developing the Scottish Curriculum ‚Äď Curriculum for Excellence.¬† Quiet areas for rest and sleep are provided to meet the individual needs of our children, including nurture rooms to access small group activities.

Lairdsland EYC sits in the heart of East Dunbartonshire Council Education and Council Offices at the Forth and Clyde canal basin, Southbank Marina.

In this guided visit, you will have opportunity to visit Lairdsland EYC to view how building design has promoted our child centred approaches to early years learning and development. You will also have opportunity to meet with members of the Early Years Central Team to discuss the growth and expansion of early years development within East Dunbartonshire.

Early Years Centre – Lairdsland Primary

Vehicle 2 ‚Äď Falkirk Local Authority


Delivering the Early Level of Curriculum for Excellence in Falkirk ‚Äď Play is the Way

Falkirk’s Play is the Way encourages and supports our early learning and early primary settings to take planned, strategic steps to ensure high-quality, child-centred, and developmentally appropriate practice is realised for every young child in Falkirk.  We wholeheartedly embrace the Scottish Government’s Realising the Ambition guidance and truly believe that young children learn best through high quality play and first-hand experiences.  It is our ambition that all young children in Falkirk will experience a broad, stimulating curriculum which is informed by their prior learning and interests about the world around them and supported by highly skilled, loving and playful practitioners.

Come along and see for yourself why play is the way by taking part on one of these two open doors visits.



OPTION D (5 places): Clendevon Early Learning Centre (ELCC) and Maddiston Primary School

Glendevon ELCC is a standalone early learning centre for children aged 3-5, located next to Maddiston Primary school.  It offers flexible early learning and childcare for around 100 children and is open 8AM-6PM Monday to Friday all year round.  During the 2021-2022 academic year, we have been engaging in a Froebelian Futures Slow Pedagogy project with the Falkirk Froebel Family and The Froebel trust.  Come along and see our Froeblian-inspired approach to early education which places value on time, place and space allowing our children to make connections, reflect on their own thoughts and ideas and focus on the here and now. See how our practitioners place emphasis on providing mindful play experiences that move toward investigation, conversations and encouragement of children’s autonomy. Notice how we value children and community collaboration to support creativity, self-knowledge and critical thinking.


Maddiston Primary School offers education to 505 children aged 4-12, from primary one through to primary seven, delivering Scotland’s a Curriculum for Excellence.  Come and see the range of inspiring learning experiences we provide for our youngest children, including planned and purposeful play and stimulating learning activities which engage and challenge their thinking using real life and imaginary situations.  Our play-based approach to learning ensures our youngest learners experience an education in keeping with our whole school vision:

We learn together, We succeed together, We have fun together, We shine brightly.


OPTION E (5 places): Wallacestone Primary School and Early Learning & Childcare (ELC)

Wallacestone Primary is a large primary school accommodating 440 children in the primary school.  An 80 place ELC class is located within a double mobile classroom. The school has 16 classes with a teaching complement of 17 teachers and 2.5 principal teachers.   Come along and see how we practise a play-based pedagogy using Scottish Government’s Realising the Ambition guidance to compliment the key areas of the Curriculum for Excellence.  Over the last 4 years we have been particularly focussing on delivering developmentally appropriate approaches ensuring an inclusive environment where all children’s needs are met from ELC Class to P7.     Our mission is to create the conditions for our children to learn and develop helping them to work, play and succeed together.

Our school values: Respect and honesty     Caring and Kindness      Motivation and Learning